Volunteer Committees

NACRO thrives from the participation of its members, principally through its Board of Directors and five major standing committees, all of which benefit from a broad and diverse set of participants.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please fill out this form, and feel free to contact the co-chairs directly with any questions. Watch our Volunteering with NACRO video below! 


For more information on the structure of our organization, please see the following policies and procedures document, which was approved by the NACRO Board of Directors in July 2012. 

Benchmarking Committee: 

The Benchmarking Committee works to collect data and publish documents that provide NACRO members with fundamental knowledge that helps us do our jobs better; examples include the seminal “Five Essential Elements...” whitepaper published in 2011, and the most recent “Industry Perspectives…” research report released in July 2019.  The Committee also executes the Annual Member Survey, with data available back to 2010, providing a historical and longitudinal perspective on everything from salaries to corporate portfolio workloads.  Other current projects include the Gold Standards project – aiming to collect data on the “all-in” gifts and contracts financial impact that corporations make on our universities, providing a comprehensive source for benchmarking success and best practices.  The Industry Perspectives project aims to integrate the corporate perspective on benchmarking data,  as NACRO grows and diversifies our membership to include more company-based members.  The Benchmarking Committee collaborates with other NACRO working groups to help raise the NACRO membership’s awareness of the committee’s initiatives and findings through annual conference presentations and NACRO publications throughout each year.

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Conference Programming Committee: 

This committee organizes the program for the NACRO Annual Conference and coordinates the individual conference sessions, including selecting panel topics and coordinating speakers and moderators for each session. 

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Marketing and Communications Committee: 

The Marketing and Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining the NACRO brand. Members of the committee work together to develop and distribute information that is vital to NACRO members and the corporate relations profession. We support all NACRO committees in achieving their communication goals through content on the website, in the monthly newsletter, emails to members, and on social media platforms. 

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Professional Development Committee: 

This committee designs and delivers educational and professional development content for NACRO members with all levels of experience. The Professional Development Committee is charged with providing valuable content on long standing corporate relations best practices and new or developing corporate relations strategies, partnerships, and technologies.

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Membership and Alliances Committee: 

This committee has as its primary mission the growth of NACRO's membership and make recommendations on issues involving membership and administer the member program. The committee will also assess the need for and potential direction of alliances with academic and industry organizations aligned with NACRO interests; provide recommendations for alliances to the Board of Directors; and manage on behalf of the Board of Directors those alliances that have been approved. 

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