NACRO Impact Program

As the premier corporate-university relations professional development organization, NACRO has over 600 active members representing over 250 academic and corporate entities worldwide. One of our most valuable offerings is the network of professionals, who are dedicated to advancing the mutual goals of corporate and university relations offices. From best practices and benchmarking to mentorship and volunteer opportunities, NACRO provides a wide array of member benefits that are completely driven by our dedicated group of volunteers. On behalf of the Board of Directors and membership of NACRO, we are pleased to announce that we have developed the brand new NACRO Impact Program designed to recognize our NACRO volunteers. There are three levels of recognition, as explained in the rubric: Royal Blue (our longest serving and most active volunteers and leaders), Silver (the precious metal of NACRO are consistent contributors, active on committees/subcommittees, presenters at conference, and consistent attendees at Midwinter and the annual NACRO conference) and White (new to NACRO).

The NACRO Impact Program allows us to quantify member impact to NACRO at the individual membership level based on the leadership positions held, committee participation, attendance and content presented at conference as well as midwinter. Congratulations to each of our members being recognized this year and for your continued contribution and increased levels of leadership and responsibility in the NACRO organization.

This recognition reflects our members' outstanding commitment to the organization and the confidence of the entire NACRO membership that your service builds and strengthen our organization. We look forward to continuing to leverage your skills and experiences to make significant contributions to NACRO overall. A new opportunity for you to continue to stay engaged is through our new NACRO ambassador program for veteran members to connect with newer NACRO colleagues. Our goal is to create a better support system within NACRO to explore ideas, share best practices, and help navigating NACRO conferences & resources. If you are interested in joining this ambassador program please send an email to [email protected] for more details.

We look forward to recognizing all of the volunteers and contributors to NACRO and the field of academic corporate relations! We know we will continue to achieve great things and CONGRATULATIONS on your NACRO Impact Award!

With Appreciation,

Katheryne Rehberg, NACRO Member at Large

Adam Causgrove and Jamie Shattuck, NACRO Co-Presidents


Royal Blue