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As higher education plays an increasing role in economic development, and in light of the challenging fiscal environment in which many of our institutions operate, it is more important than ever for colleges and universities to create and maintain dynamic relationships with business and industry. NACRO represents members from academia and industry that work to continuously strengthen these types of relationships in order to create mutually beneficial outcomes. Check out the NACRO Difference below!


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NACRO membership is open to anyone from academia, government, industry, non-profit or other fields, who work in or are interested in learning more about corporate relations, university/industry partnerships, and our organization. NACRO's membership year is April 1 - March 31. Become a member by signing up here!

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Member Benefits

NACRO Member Benefits - Corporate Relations
  • Network with academic peers and industry representatives at the NACRO Annual Conference.
  • Improve institutional processes and procedures with insight from NACRO benchmarking whitepapers and research, and past Annual Conference presentations.
  • Stay on top of trends in corporate engagement with information from the NACRO newsletter and LinkedIn group.
  • Gain hands-on leadership experience, as well as professional recognition within the field, through service on NACRO committees and holding elected positions.
  • Use the NACRO membership list to connect with counterparts at other institutions.
  • Advance professionally, on an individual or institutional level, by posting and reviewing open positions.

Exchange ideas. Grow networks.

NACRO’s Annual Conference is a prime opportunity to gain insights, network with peers, and stay up to date on trends in our profession. The 2022 conference will take place July 19-21 in Minneapolis, MN. New NACRO members are invited to the Corporate Engagement Bootcamp, an all-day session focusing on the NACRO "blueprint" for holistic corporate relations. NACRO members with at least 5 years of corporate relations experience will be interested in the Mastery Series, an all-day session focused on building on their experience.


Join NACRO. Grow exponentially.

Our organization brings together partners from academia, industry, government, non-profit and other fields to collaborate through professional development and networking to create novel solutions that help to foster relationships between our institutions. We build on the knowledge gained and provide resources to our members for their own success. We’d love for you to join us!

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